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We Have More Than 08+ Years Practical Experience

Batalea Publishers is an academic Publishing Company based in Limpopo Province, Polokwane in South Africa. The Company was established in 2015 with the sole purpose of publishing only scholarly books in the field of Public Administration. The Company also publishes the Journal of Public Administration and Development Alternatives, which is a flagship of the International Conference on Public Administration and Development Alternatives. Between the period 2015 and 2022, the publishing Company has published the  following titles: Local Government Administration in South Africa: Some Critical Perspectives (2015), Local Government Elections, Politics and Administration (2017), Governance, Reforms and Public Affairs: Cases from Southern Africa (2019), The Musina people of Musina: A Forgotten History of African Legends(2021), Public Administration In Sub-Saharan Africa: Development And Policy Nexus (2021) Public Management And Administration In Africa: The Quest For Resilience In Uncertain Times (2022). Although Book proposals may be accepted from any author/organisation, Batalea Publishers have to date operated as a publishing partner to the International Conference on Public Administration and Development Alternatives.


The Vision of Batalea Publishers is to be a leading publisher in producing quality peer reviewed scholarly publications attempting to find solutions for  African problems in context of  global affairs.


Batalea Publishers intends to achieve the following missions:

  • To produce a minimum of two quality scholarly titles per annum
  • To utilise only credible Scholars in the Discipline to review and decide on the publishability of the scholarly materials
  • To follow the triple blind Review system in deciding on the publishable scholarly materials reviewed
  • To produce high level scholarly books to contribute to knowledge generation
  • To adhere to the highest level of ethical codes in publication of materials
  • To work with Conference Organisers to turn themed presented papers into quality book chapters

Publication Ethics

Batalea publishers strictly adheres to principles of publication ethics and quality scholarship. In ensuring such principles the following processes are followed:

  • All published manuscript goes through a rigorous Specialist Blind Peer Review process(First as individual chapters and later as a composite book).
  • A minimum of at least 3 Peer Review Specialists are appointed independently to

provide an objective review on the chapter or full book circulated.

  • In ensuring objectivity, Chapter/book is circulated anonymously to at least 3 Specialist Reviewers in the field with no authors name attached to any


  • Each Specialist Peer Reviewer is given a minimum of 6 weeks to provide feedback to the Publisher.
  • The reports submitted by the Specialist Peer Reviewers are taken very seriously

by the Editor who need to scrutinise them carefully against the submitted chapter/book by the author/s

  • The 3 Specialist Peer Reviewers’ reports shall be used by the Editor/s and or the Publisher to determine whether an article is publishable or not.
  • The Editor and or Publisher reserves the right to reject or accept the chapter/book after a thorough scrutiny of the Specialist Peer Reviewers reports against the chapter/book submitted.
  • Where a chapter/book is accepted with minor corrections by at least 3 Specialist Peer Reviewers, author/s will be expected to submit proof of administration of such corrections as suggested by the Specialist Peer Reviewers before final publication of the book can be decided on